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Shirts From A Multiverse

It is with some sheepishness that I recognize myself in this strip of Scenes From A Multiverse. I, er, may be tempted to turn the first line into a tshirt. Except that he could do it any time he wanted … Continue reading

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Why use Print On Demand?

I am a big fan of “Buy Local” and “Handmade”.  I enjoy seeing new ideas and products, and folks who can turn their crafty skills into money.  I regret that our mass-produced marketplace makes it nearly impossible for those folks … Continue reading

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Falling Stars (100)

It is the warm dark of August and the stars are falling. They bloom and float down, shooting sparks as they go. This is it – the end time.  I reach out, find Laura’s hand cold in mine. The falling … Continue reading

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The pancake that ate my head

This is what a $17 pancake looks like. This is what I look like when confronted with a pancake that is bigger than my entire torso. I am also sporting my Printfection sample tshirt.  It says “Why can’t we all … Continue reading

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What are … snowclones?

I describe myself from time to time as a “Snowclone Maker”.  On the one hand, this is an accurate description of the majority of my humor.  On the other hand, it really is a big hint for all the non-linguists … Continue reading

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