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Holding the Pattern (456)

In a small room, she stood at the center of a pattern of cards, a swirl of symbols and faces pooling out around her.  She spun slowly, looking at each one, and holding the pattern in her mind. Somewhere in … Continue reading

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Humor is a harsh mistress

I recently sat down and re-read for the Nth time one of the four Heinlein books I keep around – The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.  It’s chock full of stuff to think about and talk about for days and … Continue reading

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The Greatest Trick …

One of my favorite movies ever is The Usual Suspects.  One of the more quoteable lines is: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist. It’s this line that comes to mind over and over … Continue reading

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Tea Time (63)

Everything goes down better with a spot of tea.  A bad day at work, stubbing your toe in the dark, getting thrown in jail by uniformed thugs. I mean, it’s bad enough the fellow had emptied his safe this afternoon … Continue reading

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Print on demand goes 3D

It used to be, back in the day, that people who wanted just a couple custom printed shirts had to buy themselves screens and ink and figure out the whole screenprinting thing.  Or, y’know, get a Gocco. Then CafePress and … Continue reading

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Time (498)

“Time.” “The time is seven fourty-three and twenty-six seconds. Precisely sixty-two seconds after you last asked.” “Good.” She shifted the weight on her feet slightly, back to front, front to back. That was the thing that got to her – … Continue reading

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