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Sneak Preview – the Handbasket

Hope you all are having a lovely Winter Holiday of Choice! I finally got the tree up and decorated on Boxing Day, a couple days later than I really like to have that done. However, I’ve had my tabletop tree … Continue reading

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No Birthday For Julia (1160)

No Birthday For Julia Julia slipped in the back door, silent like a mouse so Momma wouldn’t hear her.  School was over for the year and she didn’t want to talk to Momma about it.  Tomorrow was her birthday and … Continue reading

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418 I’m a teapot

A nerd is me! Earlier this week, a friend linked me to the “HTTP status codes as cats” images.  From the SRS CAT (200 OK) to LONGCAT (414 Request-URI too long) to the kitten inside the computer case (500 Internal … Continue reading

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Late post is late

Late Post is So Very Very Late Today’s late late post is brought to you by insomnia that kept me up until 6am, amazing brain fog from finally completing and shipping last week the  ~100 page document (10pt font, no … Continue reading

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Keepers (412)

Keepers When I was a little kid, I kept them in jars.  All commons, bought with my allowance or pennies I snitched from Mom’s cup of change.  Don’t look at me like that – five year olds can’t tell the … Continue reading

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Your jokes tell me who you are

Warning: This week I quote a patently offensive joke involving domestic violence. Timing is everything. I think I mentioned that I’m a bit of a gamer, yes?  As part of my effort to make some social contacts out here, I … Continue reading

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