Ninth Circle Design is your gateway to tshirts, buttons, mugs, and stuff with designs ranging from plain funny to snowclone-y to snarky. It’s the brainchild of one Vic Vesey.  That’s me.

I am a really bad data point.  I am a renaissance human and dilettante.  I taught myself knitting and jewelry making off of the Internet, and I have no fear of learning new skills. I like my humor  on the fine line between complex and obfuscated.  I read fast and remember it for months.  I can look at your plan and tell you a half dozen things that you didn’t account for. I have concurrently held down a full time job, a ~20hr/wk volunteer job, and finished an Associates (with honors, Phi Theta Kappa member, 2.5 years half time). I can take technical jargon and turn it into layman talk, and walk grandparents through setting up their email in just about any email program without screenshots, without knowing what version they’re using, and make them feel good about it. I am a kickass small unit commander.  I instinctively design databases in third normal form.

I started out on CafePress in 2001.  My first design said “RiotNrrd”, and my second set of designs was for Hell’s House of Handbaskets. Since then, I’ve made popular designs about: zombies, prescription ads, nerdery, chainsaws and summer camps, higher education, more nerdery, carbs, being adorkable, and a whole lot more.  I’ve also got stuff on Zazzle and RedBubble.

I also have photography over on Zazzle and RedBubble, if you’re into that.  I sketch swirly tentacle trees (and some normal trees) and post those on Zazzle and RedBubble, if you’re into that.  Lately, I’ve taken up mandalas and taken an oil painting class.

Don’t see what you want in my shops?  Want to license one of my tree sketches (you won’t be the first)?  Email me at iwantashirt at ninthcircle dot net with your idea.