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Spookyween Tree

It’s Spookytober, everybody! As part of Spookyween preparations, I have finally finished the design I made around the whole concept of a Halloween/Christmas mashup. Originally, this was because of the programmer nerd joke about 31 Octal (aka 31 Oct, aka … Continue reading

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Mini Mandalas

And So It Begins Here is the first of the promised actual real hand-painted items for sale directly. These are all done on Artist Trading Cards, specifically Bristol paper, with ink and watercolor.  Most are traced from existing mandalas, but … Continue reading

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Artist’s First Art Show

The artist makes a break for the small time About a year ago or so, I started realizing that my trees were … a bit simplistic. Just floating around in space, and backgrounds might just be a thing I needed.  … Continue reading

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Liquid Sleep Substitute

Let me explain No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Life keeps circling around, a flurry of blog posts followed by mandalas followed by flourishes of trees followed by text based designs followed by mandalas and back around … Continue reading

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Apparently This Is A Thing I’m Doing

It All Started When I Got Bored At some point in the distant past, I picked up a small packet of blank Artist Trading Cards, thinking I’d just draw some micro trees or something. Artist Trading Cards are basically exactly … Continue reading

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The Watching Mandala

All things in cycles My dad linked me the other day to a video of someone making a complicated mandala in just minutes digitally using an app.  Said app turns out to be iOS only and only works well if … Continue reading

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