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Putting the ‘work’ back in ‘coworking’

You asked for it, you got it A while ago Ferrett Steinmetz asked on the twitters if someone would make him a shirt that said “I’m only awesome on the Internet”.  Myself, I hear I’m much more awesome off the Internet, … Continue reading

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Why I use a Coworking space

Get Out Of the Damn House Already About a month ago, I made a connection with the folks over at Hive4a, a local coworking space.  They’ve got reasonable monthly rates (cheaper than going to a coffeeshop!) and a pretty cool … Continue reading

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418 I’m a teapot

A nerd is me! Earlier this week, a friend linked me to the “HTTP status codes as cats” images.  From the SRS CAT (200 OK) to LONGCAT (414 Request-URI too long) to the kitten inside the computer case (500 Internal … Continue reading

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