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An Open Letter to Past Me

Apparently, Past Me Hates Money Dear Past Me, Why do you hate making money so much?  It’s not enough that I found a tree design that never got posted to Zazzle, but I found a tree design that was entirely … Continue reading

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Tree Family

Anthropomorphism is Your Best Entertainment Value A lot of times, the pen and paper tree sketches start with a single line, and the bumps from my hand wobbling tell me where to add new branches.  Occasionally, though, I have an … Continue reading

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Stealing from the best

Today’s joke is modified from one I watched a 5-year-old performing a couple days ago.  It’s modified mostly so that I don’t have to record video. :) Why are tyrannosaurs rexes so unhappy? They can’t follow along with “If you’re … Continue reading

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No Birthday For Julia (1160)

No Birthday For Julia Julia slipped in the back door, silent like a mouse so Momma wouldn’t hear her.  School was over for the year and she didn’t want to talk to Momma about it.  Tomorrow was her birthday and … Continue reading

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