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Spookyween Tree

It’s Spookytober, everybody! As part of Spookyween preparations, I have finally finished the design I made around the whole concept of a Halloween/Christmas mashup. Originally, this was because of the programmer nerd joke about 31 Octal (aka 31 Oct, aka … Continue reading

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Print On Demand sites mega-review

Not all Print On Demand sites are created equal And now, the thrilling conclusion of my very drawn-out series on Print on Demand sites (or is it?)! Don’t just use the first Print On Demand site you hear about … … Continue reading

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Cards for Hallowmas

I blame my mother Once upon a time, my mother related to me a terrible joke about computer programmers that starts like this: Why can’t computer programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? The punchline was sufficiently nerdy and … Continue reading

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By the power vested in me, by myself

Once more, with self-awareness Last week, I posted about the Certificate of Adulthood.  It’s shiny! It’s neat! You can give it to your friends! But, y’know … part of the point of making it was about recognizing in ourselves that … Continue reading

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The power of rituals

Something old, something new So many things in our lives have (or are) rituals, most especially for the beginnings of things and the ends of things.  We have: weddings buying a house funerals Quinceañeras retiring having sex for the first … Continue reading

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A tree made of vectors

Previously, on Ninth Circle … As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve finally seen a tutorial (youtube, long) that helped me find a way to vectorize line drawings that isn’t LiveTrace.  LiveTrace was, to put it charitably, a complete disaster.  Let’s just say that … Continue reading

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