A tree made of vectors

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As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve finally seen a tutorial (youtube, long) that helped me find a way to vectorize line drawings that isn’t LiveTrace.  LiveTrace was, to put it charitably, a complete disaster.  Let’s just say that the Pen tool has finally become my friend.  Sort of.

Clearly, more practice is needful, but this is how it looks:

Sparse tree with two main trunks

The original sketch

A sparse, two-trunked tree made of VECTORS

A flat bitmap from the vector file

Not so bad, eh? Yes, it’s a bit sparser than the original. Partly because I wanted to be done, partly because I didn’t like some parts of the original. It’s a sort of derivative work. :)

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  1. Kevin Rhodes says:

    It’s just a bit more blasted, is all. The weaker twigs were blown off.

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