Fan And Feather Mandala

My ducks are in a spreadsheet

I may not have mentioned that I was moving to a new office, trading spaces with someone else in the house, but that’s been a definite impact on my production and organization and blogging.  The good news is that I am, indeed, moved into my office!

I’m still working on making more art, but moving my office out of a temporary space it was shoehorned into during the migration and into the new space forced me to do a bit more organization and figuring out what and where and how many arts I have.  I even made a spreadsheet and put numbers after dollar signs!  That’s how serious it was.

The good news is that I am now in a place where I can put some physical things out for sale here in the digital world.  And thus, I present the first physical piece I completed in my new office …

Fan and Feather Mandala

Photograph of a mandala, a 8-fold symmetric pattern painted in mostly blues, purples, and greens with a white background, in a white frame

Fan and Feather mandala

This mandala is an excerpt from the February Coloring Book Page for my Second Circle patrons over on Patreon. I’ll unpack that sentence in a bit, but let me get the important details out of the way first:

Watercolor and pen on 140lb watercolor paper, 5″x5″
Price is: unframed $30, framed $38; includes shipping within the USA

Email me if you are interested in this piece.

Now, to unpack: I have a Patreon, for those who like to support my work directly, and my levels of patronage there are based on circles (it’s a theme, yes).  The special reward for Second Circle patrons is a new coloring book page every month, typically mandalas.  I used the center section of the February one to trace this hand-painted, hand-penned version.

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3 Responses to Fan And Feather Mandala

  1. Kate says:

    UGH I WISH I WERE NOT TOTALLY BROKE i need to come look at this again in a month when the van registration & insurance are paid up & i have a money again

    • Victoria says:

      Please do – if this one is snapped up, I might be willing to do another similar one. :) Also, stay tuned, there are more coming in the next month. I’m trying to schedule out the backlog. OMG backlog.

    • Victoria says:

      Casual ping to see if this is still on your someday radar. :)

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