Monday Mandala Roundup – January

Catching up with the Mandalas, January edition

This is another piece of the catchup Monday Mandala Roundup series, for all the Patreon Monday Mandala posts.  Below, you’ll find the January ones, some full and some snippets.  Monday the 15th of January was so badly a Monday that it got two old-style doodles, but this was, overall, the month I got the hang of how to do and present these, as you can see.

Click the images to go to the Patreon post with the full image.

square image, deep blue background, white outlines of 6 pointed star mandala

2018-01-01 Monday Mandala – happy new year!

square image, white background, black outlines of a 12-fold symmetric mandala

2018-01-08 Monday Mandala with creative watermarking

square image, black outlines of a roughly doodled mandala

2018-01-15 Monday Mandala Doodle #1

square image with reddish purple background and roughly drawn blueish purple outline mandala

2018-01-15 Monday Mandala #2

square image, light blue background, mostly taken up by a mandala issuing from lower left in greens and oranges/reds.

Snippet of the 2018-01-22 Monday Mandala

square image, beige background, mostly filled with a mandala issuing from upper left, arcs and swoops and circles, in purples, reds, yellows, and blues

Snippet of the 2018-01-29 Monday Mandala


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