Monday Mandala Roundup – February

Catching up with the Mandalas, February edition

This is the last of the catching up on past months of Patreon Mandala Mondays posts!  Next week, tune in for the roundup post for March!  After that, expect them the first week of the month for the previous month.

Below, you’ll find snippets of the February Monday Mandalas – click the images to go to the Patreon post with the full image.

A square image with a blue-grey background, 1/4 of a mandala coming out from the lower right corner, mostly curved lines, in purples, browns, reds, and some yellow and green

Snippet of the 2018-02-05 Monday Mandala

square image, light green background, lower right issuing 3 points of a mandala, in blues, purples, and greens towards the edge and oranges and red towards the center

Snippet of the 2018-02-12 Monday Mandala

square image with light purple background and black outlines of part of a mandala with swoops and hearts

Snippet of the 2018-02-19 Monday Mandala

square image, black background mostly obscured by a brightly rainbow colored mandala with circles, arcs and onion shapes

Snippet of the 2018-02-26 Monday Mandala

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