Monday Mandala Roundup – June

Catching up with the Mandalas

Welcome to, er, October and the Monday Mandala Roundup post for June!  As with previous MMR posts, this covers a month of the Monday Mandalas posted publicly on my Patreon page

July was when the summer vacation struggles started to catch up to me, so I appreciate your patience with getting these cross-posted here. For more timely viewing, I recommend finding me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, where these get posted every Monday.

As usual, clicking on a image will take you to the public Patreon post for that day, which has the full images (not just snippets).

[Image description: on a white background, a black outline, stippled, and solid mandala with 5-fold and 10-fold symmetry.]
[Image description: on a white background, a black outline and dotted mandala with six and twelve fold symmetry, where part of the center looks like an atomic diagram]
[Image description: white background, mandala with 8-fold and 16-fold symmetry in black (outlines, filled spaces, and stippling), with a sketched tree in the center.]
[Image description: white background, a black outline and dotted mandala with mostly 4-fold symmetry, and an outer ring with 24-fold symmetry.]
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