Mandala Doodle Roundup, February edition

A Regular Feature Emerges!

This makes the fourth in the series, so it may well continue until I wind down on posting the doodles to Twitter.  Not looking likely any time soon on that. :)


Bonus New Year’s post:

Mandala_2015-11-01_005January 4:

January 4, 2016 doodleJanuary 11:

January 11 2016 DoodleJanuary 18:

January 18 2016 DoodleJanuary 25 (due to glitch with Twitter, was posted later, but it belonged on the 25th):

January 25 2016 DoodleStay tuned for next month, to see if I remember to do another roundup!

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The Windblown Tree

As promised, a tree silhouette!

For once, I didn’t throw a new technique at a complicated design!  For this new approach, I tried it out with something I posted here a long while ago – the windblown tree:

A tree that's grown up in a windy place

The Windblown Tree (original)

The process I used involved LiveTrace, but generating lines instead of solid shapes.  This resulted in an intermediate stage I could adjust and tweak before expanding and simplifying and merging and all that, without making a hash out of the twigs.

The result looks a lot like the original, and this is a good thing:

on a white background, the black silhouette of a tree that's leaning far to the right, as if constantly blown by windYes, this will be up on RedBubble shortly.

Yes, Victoria, there is a sample of what’s coming next.

White background; black silhouette of tree branches without leaves, clearly clipped from a larger imagep.s. I need your input on a small matter

I’m also giving thought again to doing backgrounds, instead of just plain white (or colors, as I do for the mandalas on RedBubble).  Let me know in the comments what you think of that, please!

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Simple Doodle Mandala 1

The Road To Good Intentions

After a while of doing doodle mandalas for #MandalaMonday, I found myself making ones complex enough that I wanted to recreate them with a better (much better) tool.  Once I found some ways to make LiveTrace work for me that made recreating trees easier, these were next up on the list.  So I picked one out of my saved images folder on my phone and went for it.

… Is Paved With Not Checking My Twitter History

Which is to say, I didn’t actually go through my Twitter history (or even my roundup posts) to make sure I picked one that I had already posted.  So, I guess I’ll be doing some of those another day.  Here’s the one I picked:


And here’s the vectorized version (click through to larger, as usual):

on a white field, a black outline of radially symmetric geometric design… and samples of upcoming posts.

Last year, by which I mean last month, I may have mentioned something about the return of trees to this blog.  Why lookie what’s coming up in the next couple weeks …

black tree branches on a white background, obviously clipped out of a larger image

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Mandala Doodle Roundup, January edition

Three Times Makes a Habit!

As I did last month, here’s a roundup post of the mandala doodles I’ve been posting on Twitter.  Mondays! Mandalas!  Alliteration!


December 7:

Mandala_2015-10-30_007December 14:

Mandala_2015-10-28_006December 21:

Mandala_2015-10-28_005December 28:

Mandala_2015-11-01_001Stay tuned to see if I remember next month!

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Dense Mandala

I’m Victoria And I Use Adult Coloring Apps

It’s true.  I do use them sometimes when I’m feeling too mindless to even use the mandala doodling app.  One thing I’ve noticed about most of the mandalas and other designs used by these apps is that they have an awful lot of little divisions so that you can click a whole lot and use lots of colors.

Since one of my long-term ideas is to put together a coloring book of mandalas (coming to a Kickstarter near you … someday), I notice these things, so that I can incorporate these things into what I do.

Because I Can

Here’s a mandala with lots of internal divisions, perfect for lots of coloring (click through to a larger version:

black outlines forming a radially symmetric geometric designBonus Sample

To counteract the density of this one, upcoming is a light and simple mandala based on a mandala doodle:

Simple Doodle Sample

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Leafy Mandala

Commercial Announcement

The mandalas have started to show up on RedBubble:

That is all.

What people really want to see: new mandala

So, after the last tentacular one, what I’ve got for you next is a leafy mandala!  Click through on the image to get a version large enough to print.

Black outlines forming a circular geometric pattern


And a sample of the next one:


But wait, there’s more!

I’ve also been trying out a new method for taking the trees from sketches to vectors.  It’s going well and I’m hoping to post some in the new year.

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