It Grows As It Flows

Because Naming Is My Strong Suit (or Something)

Today I’ve got a semi-original piece I’m making available to you all. It’s one of my first in this style – the outlines were laser printed on watercolor paper, and the coloring was done by hand with watercolors. I suppose I could be fancy and call it “mixed media” but that’s not how I roll.

Anyway, after a long dive into my file folders and RedBubble and blog site, I finally determined that this one had no name and have thus given it the title “It Grows As It Flows”.

photograph of a square painting on paper, purple background with mandala primarily in blue, green, red, on a small black easel on a wood floor

It Grows As It Flows – 8.5″x8.5″ watercolor on paper

8.5″x8.5″, toner and watercolor on watercolor paper, $45 plus shipping.   Please message or email me if you’re interested; payment preferred via PayPal.

Mandala itself is 7.5″ round, so I would recommend a floating frame, rather than trying to cut down for an 8″ frame.

As a reminder, patrons get first dibs on new pieces (and at a discount).  You can get in on that at my Patreon for not a whole lot per month.

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Monday Mandala Roundup – March

Monday! Mandala! Monday! Mandala! Roundup hoooooooo!

Welcome to April and the Monday Mandala Roundup post for March!  As with previous MMR posts, this covers a month of the Monday Mandalas posted publicly on my Patreon page.

Click the images to go to the full page on Patreon (these are snippets, Patreon has the full images).

square image, with portion of a brightly colored centered on the left edge and filling the square, yellows and greens, bits of red, orange, blue, purple

2018-03-05 Monday Mandala snippet

square image with geometric design colored in blue, red, purples, and yellows

2018-03-12 Monday Mandala snippet

Square image with black background, white outline geometric design, yellow gradient issuing from lower left

2018-03-19 Belated Monday Mandala snippet

square design, dark blue background, from lower right issues a sort of flower with pink/purple center, then blue, green, and red/orange/yellow flame petals

2018-03-26 Monday Mandala snippet


Also, I’m considering uploading some of these to RedBubble to make into die-cut stickers (typically 3×3″, high-quality).  However, it would take some investment of time.  If you would purchase some of these, please let me know in the comments.

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Flowering of Light

Spring is here, oh yes Spring is here, life is skittles and life is beer

It is Springtime! Finally! Oh yes, hooray!

Thus it is that I am bringing to you all a new piece, which I’m calling Flowering of Light!  This mandala was designed, drawn, and colored entirely on the paper, no digital processes involved. I completed it back in October, and am finally bringing it out into the light.

rectangular paper with a mandala shaped to fit the space in yellows and reds, with blues and purple, blue background

Flowering of Light Mandala

This is a 100% original and unique mandala. Watercolor and pen on watercolor paper, 4″x6″, postcard-size.

It can be yours for just $23+shipping (to the USA only). It is unframed; message me if you want it framed.

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Monday Mandala Roundup – February

Catching up with the Mandalas, February edition

This is the last of the catching up on past months of Patreon Mandala Mondays posts!  Next week, tune in for the roundup post for March!  After that, expect them the first week of the month for the previous month.

Below, you’ll find snippets of the February Monday Mandalas – click the images to go to the Patreon post with the full image.

A square image with a blue-grey background, 1/4 of a mandala coming out from the lower right corner, mostly curved lines, in purples, browns, reds, and some yellow and green

Snippet of the 2018-02-05 Monday Mandala

square image, light green background, lower right issuing 3 points of a mandala, in blues, purples, and greens towards the edge and oranges and red towards the center

Snippet of the 2018-02-12 Monday Mandala

square image with light purple background and black outlines of part of a mandala with swoops and hearts

Snippet of the 2018-02-19 Monday Mandala

square image, black background mostly obscured by a brightly rainbow colored mandala with circles, arcs and onion shapes

Snippet of the 2018-02-26 Monday Mandala

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Monday Mandala Roundup – January

Catching up with the Mandalas, January edition

This is another piece of the catchup Monday Mandala Roundup series, for all the Patreon Monday Mandala posts.  Below, you’ll find the January ones, some full and some snippets.  Monday the 15th of January was so badly a Monday that it got two old-style doodles, but this was, overall, the month I got the hang of how to do and present these, as you can see.

Click the images to go to the Patreon post with the full image.

square image, deep blue background, white outlines of 6 pointed star mandala

2018-01-01 Monday Mandala – happy new year!

square image, white background, black outlines of a 12-fold symmetric mandala

2018-01-08 Monday Mandala with creative watermarking

square image, black outlines of a roughly doodled mandala

2018-01-15 Monday Mandala Doodle #1

square image with reddish purple background and roughly drawn blueish purple outline mandala

2018-01-15 Monday Mandala #2

square image, light blue background, mostly taken up by a mandala issuing from lower left in greens and oranges/reds.

Snippet of the 2018-01-22 Monday Mandala

square image, beige background, mostly filled with a mandala issuing from upper left, arcs and swoops and circles, in purples, reds, yellows, and blues

Snippet of the 2018-01-29 Monday Mandala


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Fan And Feather Mandala

My ducks are in a spreadsheet

I may not have mentioned that I was moving to a new office, trading spaces with someone else in the house, but that’s been a definite impact on my production and organization and blogging.  The good news is that I am, indeed, moved into my office!

I’m still working on making more art, but moving my office out of a temporary space it was shoehorned into during the migration and into the new space forced me to do a bit more organization and figuring out what and where and how many arts I have.  I even made a spreadsheet and put numbers after dollar signs!  That’s how serious it was.

The good news is that I am now in a place where I can put some physical things out for sale here in the digital world.  And thus, I present the first physical piece I completed in my new office …

Fan and Feather Mandala

Photograph of a mandala, a 8-fold symmetric pattern painted in mostly blues, purples, and greens with a white background, in a white frame

Fan and Feather mandala

This mandala is an excerpt from the February Coloring Book Page for my Second Circle patrons over on Patreon. I’ll unpack that sentence in a bit, but let me get the important details out of the way first:

Watercolor and pen on 140lb watercolor paper, 5″x5″
Price is: unframed $30, framed $38; includes shipping within the USA

Email me if you are interested in this piece.

Now, to unpack: I have a Patreon, for those who like to support my work directly, and my levels of patronage there are based on circles (it’s a theme, yes).  The special reward for Second Circle patrons is a new coloring book page every month, typically mandalas.  I used the center section of the February one to trace this hand-painted, hand-penned version.

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