Monday Mandala Roundup – November

Did everyone remember to update their clocks?

Welcome to December and the Monday Mandala Roundup post for November!  As with previous MMR posts, this covers a month of the Monday Mandalas posted publicly on my Patreon page.  We’re now going on whole YEAR of these, folks!  Woo!

Due to Life With A Capital LIFE, the usual alternation of vector and doodle was a bit off this month. Whee. We’ll see how this month goes.

As usual, clicking on a image will take you to the public Patreon post for that day, which has the full images (not just snippets).

blue background, white outline mandala doodle with a little bit of red

2018-11-05 Monday Mandala (full)

pale blue background, black outline mandala centered on lower left

2018-11-12 Monday Mandala (snippet)

light purple background, black outline mandala with many dots, centered on lower left

2018-11-19 Monday Mandala (snippet)

white background, purple outline mandala centered on lower right

2018-11-26 Monday Mandala (snippet)


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