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Spookyween Tree

It’s Spookytober, everybody! As part of Spookyween preparations, I have finally finished the design I made around the whole concept of a Halloween/Christmas mashup. Originally, this was because of the programmer nerd joke about 31 Octal (aka 31 Oct, aka … Continue reading

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Mandala Doodle Roundup, November edition

Doodles Are Good Practice As I posted about a while ago, I got started on mandalas when I found this free app for my phone to make some.  Well, I am still using it, because the phone is more convenient … Continue reading

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Tentacular Fantastrees

They came from Halloween Town Halloween is just under a week away, but here’s a sketch to get you in the right mindframe: I’ve been enjoying the stark feeling of these trees … simple, organic, like they could reach out … Continue reading

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Cards for Hallowmas

I blame my mother Once upon a time, my mother related to me a terrible joke about computer programmers that starts like this: Why can’t computer programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? The punchline was sufficiently nerdy and … Continue reading

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No Birthday For Julia (1160)

No Birthday For Julia Julia slipped in the back door, silent like a mouse so Momma wouldn’t hear her.  School was over for the year and she didn’t want to talk to Momma about it.  Tomorrow was her birthday and … Continue reading

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