Mandala Doodle Roundup, November edition

Doodles Are Good Practice

As I posted about a while ago, I got started on mandalas when I found this free app for my phone to make some.  Well, I am still using it, because the phone is more convenient than the laptop far too often.

Also, doodling is good practice to try out new ideas.  The challenge of making colorable mandala type doodles with this very limited tool is an adventure.

Everybody Loves a Mudpie

Since I am producing them far more often, I’ve been putting them up on social media.  Every Monday, they’ve been going out on FaceBook and Twitter (but not G+ for technical reasons*) with the tag #MandalaMonday.  Hey, I’m an artist, not a social media tagging expert.

All of which is to say, hey! Let’s get them on here for posterity with a lovely roundup post!  I might even remember to do this next month!


Mandala_2015-09-12_004 Mandala_2015-09-12_001 Mandala_2015-09-07_005Mandala_2015-09-24_005 Mandala_2015-09-22_008 Mandala_2015-09-22_002 Mandala_2015-09-20_003 And, the last being the special Halloween-themed special one:
Halloween 2

* I think it’s really the content ownership wars between FB/Google/Twitter/etc. that prevent my social media management app from connecting with G+ on my Android phone, because it wants me to use the G+ app for more data mining, but the G+ app won’t let me pre-schedule posts, so …

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2 Responses to Mandala Doodle Roundup, November edition

  1. Akire Bubar says:

    These are wonderful! The top one looks to me a bit like people holding hands around a huge dinner table. These are all so elegant – I can’t wait to see more! :-D

    • Victoria says:

      Why, so it does! I’d been thinking it looked like a flower, but it also looks like people. :)

      If you’re on twitter, you can follow @9thcircledesign for them weekly, but I’ll try to do another roundup post next month, too!

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