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A Brief Interlude of Mandala Theory

At the center is unity Back in early November, I fell down a rabbit hole trying to research the origins of mandalas [1] and came across some interesting sites (and bypassed so many more “interesting” ones) which suggested that mandalas … Continue reading

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Always Be Pushing Your Art Boundaries

When struggling with a thing you don’t want to do, go do art? In a fit of wanting to just Do An Art Thing, I printed out the mandala from Mandala Microsample on some plain copier paper and busted out the … Continue reading

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Mandala Doodle Round-Down

To everything there is a cycle One of the things I’ve observed about myself over the years is that I go through cycles with just about everything – try something new, get really excited about it, do it a lot, … Continue reading

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The power of rituals

Something old, something new So many things in our lives have (or are) rituals, most especially for the beginnings of things and the ends of things.  We have: weddings buying a house funerals Quinceañeras retiring having sex for the first … Continue reading

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Step one: research!

In which I pretend to be a scientist Before the post a few weeks ago about research on sexist humor, it simply hadn’t occurred to me that there might be people out there in the world who got paid to … Continue reading

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Researchers demonstrate the effects of humor

Researchers aren’t like the rest of us. For one, they go out and use SCIENCE to check out the things most of us just “know”.  They try not to assume too much about why or how things happen so that … Continue reading

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