Mandala Doodle Round-Down

To everything there is a cycle

One of the things I’ve observed about myself over the years is that I go through cycles with just about everything – try something new, get really excited about it, do it a lot, and then drift away again (usually because I’m trying something new).

Sometimes (ok, ok, often) it’s because I hit a plateau … I reach the end of New Thing Energy and discover that my skills just aren’t as good as I want to achieve what I want with the thing or my tools aren’t good enough or something else on the to-do list is on fire and needs to be dealt with.

Occasionally, it’s because something has cycled back around to being inspiring and I’m shifting over to being excited about that and doing it instead.

So long and thanks for all the symmetry

In this particular case, where I’ve drifted away from doing doodle mandalas, it’s a confluence of a few things:

  • I was frustrated with the limitations of the tool I was using (it really was very limited)
  • I had found a better tool for mandalas generally (Illustrator), but it wasn’t good for doodles
  • I started picking up on doing Tree Sketches again
  • The tool I was using got an update that made it even more awkward to use
  • It started to be more work to come up with cool mandala doodles than “relaxing finger wiggling”
  • I started picking up on doing text-based designs again

So, the practical upshot here is that I didn’t get around to putting up any mandala doodles on Twitter in May, won’t in June either, and so the Mandala Doodle Roundups have come to their end (for now).  Maybe they’ll come back around later.

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