Tiny Coffee Bean Believes In You

What it says on the tin

One of the things in the animated header image of this blog as I type this currently is “snowclone factory”.  As much as I’ve been doing trees and mandalas for quite a while now, text-based designs still loom large in my sales reports and they’re still a thing I get the sudden inspiration for.

Like Always Be Creating, this was the product of two things floating around in the back of my head and doing a little mashup: the highly popular Little Tato (aka “tiny potato believes in you”) imagememe and, well, coffee.  Because Caffeinate ALL The Things! And because what gets me actually up and moving these days is coffee, not potatoes.

Which is to say, the tiny coffee bean believes in you.

blue background, tiny coffee bean and text "I am a atiny coffee bean and I believe in you. Together we can do the thing.

Tiny Coffee Bean Believes In YOU

This is available on an assortment of products (tshirts! journals! mugs! stickers!) over on RedBubble.

I am also releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC-BY-NC), meaning you are more than welcome to click through on the image to the full size one and share the hell out of it (with attribution, but not sell it).  My website address is on the image for attribution already, to make it easy. :)

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