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A Brief Interlude of Mandala Theory

At the center is unity Back in early November, I fell down a rabbit hole trying to research the origins of mandalas [1] and came across some interesting sites (and bypassed so many more “interesting” ones) which suggested that mandalas … Continue reading

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Mandala Doodle Roundup, March edition

Almost Like Clockwork! Another month, another roundup post! Just as a reminder, you can follow me on Twitter @9thcircledesign to get these in your feed every Monday Morning, without waiting for these roundup posts.  Also, ongoing updates about my struggles … Continue reading

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How the story starts

For publication. Horror stories. Two sentences. Someone on the Book of Face linked me to this one: 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories As an occasional flash fiction writer, I found the concept intriguing, even though I’m not usually a fan … Continue reading

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Why I got a professional photography permit

Professional is as professional does As some may recall, I posted last week about going to the Albuquerque Botanical Garden and paying for a professional photography permit.  For reference, it was $25, just $5 more than the regular combination ticket … Continue reading

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