Cards for Hallowmas

I blame my mother

Once upon a time, my mother related to me a terrible joke about computer programmers that starts like this:

Why can’t computer programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween?

The punchline was sufficiently nerdy and terribly punny that it’s stuck in my head for years. Being sure I’m not the only one who would think so, I made holiday cards:

ASCII Christmas tree with ASCII pumpkins under it

Yes, that’s ASCII art.

You can get them on CafePress or on Zazzle.

Obviously, I like it when people buy stuff from those links, because the royalties keep me in bubble gum, but I care more about sharing my quirky humor on this one.  Soooo  … comment if you want me to make a printable PDF of this (including the inside bit).

You’re welcome to blame me, too

Oh, the punchline?

Because OCT 31 is the same as DEC 25.

I’m thinking of starting up a holiday on NOV 27 to complete the set.

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