Monday Mandala Roundup – December

Catching up with the Mandalas, December edition

This is another piece of the catchup Monday Mandala Roundup series, for all the Patreon Monday Mandala posts.  Below, you’ll find the December ones. Click the images to go to the Patreon post with the full image.

circular image, black background, 16-fold symmetric mandala in black and white

2017-12-04 Monday Mandala

transparent background, 18-fold symmetrical mandala with yellow/orange/red center, blue, then brown/green edge

2017-12-11 Monday Mandala

square image, transparent background, black outline mandala with 12-fold symmetry

2017-12-18 Monday Mandala

square image, transparent background, outlines in orange, red, and green, mandala with 8-fold symmetry

2017-12-25 Monday Mandala

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