Monday Mandala Roundup – November

Catching up with the Mandalas

Back at the end of October, I opened up a Patreon for people who wanted to support me more directly than ordering things from RedBubble or wherever.  In addition to posting things just for patrons, that’s where I’ve been posting weekly mandalas (mostly a step up from the phone doodles!).  The Monday Mandalas are all public posts, so folks can check them out:

I still wanted to share them here too, without cross posting every single week.  So, I’m going to do some roundup posts here.  Below you’ll find the ones I posted in November – click the images to go the post on Patreon.

The 2017-11-05 Monday Mandala was a photograph of a piece in process, so will just link it:

square image, white background, black outlines of a partial mandala (issuant from lower left)

2017-11-13 Monday Mandala (snippet of November coloring book page)

transparent background, black outlines of a 12-fold symmetrical mandala

2017-11-20 Monday Mandala

square image, transparent background, black outlines of a 12-fold symmetric mandala

2017-11-27 Monday Mandala

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