1% Inspiration

There’s been a “meme” floating around lately in which a friend gives you some words as topics to write on (usually a paragraph or so each).  One of the words I’ve seen floating around is inspiration.

That word’s come to mind over and over this weekend as my partner and I were wandering art galleries (and drinking mojitos).  We’ve seen all sorts of things – from kitsch to paintings to photography to sculpture to comics.

Today, it occurred to me that possibly the most inspirational thing for me – as in, the thing that inspires me to get off my butt and create – is the art other people create.  I can’t help looking at it and thinking “you know, I could do that …”.  Sometimes the rest of the sentence is “… right now” and sometimes it’s “… if I spent years practicing and had a lot more equipment” and often it’s somewhere in the middle.

99% Perspiration

At the same time, I’ve been slowly working on my latest vectorization.  It’s been slow going, even though I am improving with my tools (Illustrator, if you’re wondering).  Longer, even, than the drawing goes. It’s not quite like I draw a line in Illustrator and it’s done and unmoveable, like a pen line is – I get to tweak and fix the lines (well, fuss with).  Here’s a snippet of what I’ve got so far, probably 5 hours in:

a small section of a spiral tree

A snippet for you

It’s kind of a labor of love (and practice).  Someday, maybe it’ll be art.

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