By the power vested in me, by myself

Once more, with self-awareness

Last week, I posted about the Certificate of Adulthood.  It’s shiny! It’s neat! You can give it to your friends!

But, y’know … part of the point of making it was about recognizing in ourselves that we are adults, no matter where we measure up on some arbitrary ideas of The One True Path of Adulthood.  While in some cases it may be helpful to have someone else support us by giving us a Certificate of Adulthood, sometimes we already know we are.

So, I made another one, this time self-certifying.

Because I can!

Certificate of Adulthood

There’s no rite of passage or graduation party for when you become a Real Adult – but you can get this spiffy certificate!

You can use this handy PDF to print out your own certificate to sign and put on your wall.  It’s totally free!  Because I Can.

You can also get this as stationary, on nice heavy linen paper, over at Zazzle right here.  Because that’s how I roll – too many options.

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