Why I use a Coworking space

Get Out Of the Damn House Already

About a month ago, I made a connection with the folks over at Hive4a, a local coworking space.  They’ve got reasonable monthly rates (cheaper than going to a coffeeshop!) and a pretty cool space and I get to get out of the house.

If you are a solo entrepreneur and you haven’t heard about coworking, I suggest you check it out.  If you are a regular working monkey that travels and sometimes needs an office to work out of while you’re on the road, I suggest you check out coworking, too.

In general, they’ll offer you a desk and all the internet you can use, without worrying about whether someone’s going to walk off with your laptop while you go to the bathroom or someone’s going to accidentally spill coffee in your lap.  Many places also offer general office  services, like coffee, copying, faxes, and some even offer receptionist services.

To find a coworking space near you (or your destination) check out DeskWanted and LooseCubes.

Side Benefits May Include Humor

Hive4a has a Keurig for its coffee service.  I’m not crazy about Keurigs – I primarily drink tea, and the water always ends up tasting a smidge of coffee.  Also, folks forget to refill the water and, most annoyingly, leave their old K-cup in the machine for someone else to take out.

To combat this, I put up a sign earlier this week.  Then I didn’t come in for a couple days (while buying a car).  Today, I came back to see that someone had modified the sign.

This is one of the reasons I really wanted to connect with a coworking space … you just can’t get this kind of interaction when you work alone in your house:

Modified sign at my coworking space


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