Liquid Sleep Substitute

Let me explain

No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Life keeps circling around, a flurry of blog posts followed by mandalas followed by flourishes of trees followed by text based designs followed by mandalas and back around to blog posts.  Life is full and I have been painting, which I should like to take photos of to share with you all, but at this moment a bit of graphic design popped up and got priority.

When you absolutely, positively, didn’t get enough sleep last night, accept this substitute

Need more sleep?  Try this brand new Liquid Sleep Substitute (pat. pending)!

a black outlined circle with the words "liquid sleep subsitute" inside

Now available on RedBubble in two delightful flavors:

  • Tea (non-mugs say “Tea is my sleep substitute”)
  • Coffee (non-mugs say “Coffee is my sleep substitute”)

All mugs say “liquid sleep substitute”.

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