Eppur Si Muove Mandala

My momma says it all goes around

This summer on Habitica I’ve joined a reading challenge, and as part of that I re-read Ann Leckie‘s stellar Ancillary series.  If you haven’t, I cannot recommend them highly enough and I am so looking forward to Provenance, the new book in that universe.

As often happens, I then ended up with Foz Meadow’s version of “It all goes around” (video) in my head as I was coloring this.

Side note: I have finally discovered LivePaint for Illustrator and it is so useful. so! useful! Also highly recommend!

And so it shouldn’t be too surprising that I ended up with a mandala edged in the fires of the sun, with planets swirling in arcs around the green crust and molten core of a planet in a geocentric view of the universe? Or are these the cycles of electrons around their nucleus? Fire, water, air, and earth?

A little of all are to be seen here in stasis, and yet … does it not move?

Upper right quadrant of a mandala mostly blue with an edge of yellow and red and green dots

Eppur Si Muove Mandala

See the full design on RedBubble.

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