The Traditional Cyber Monday Sale Post

I don’t do MondaysBlack Fridays.

I know this is kind of heretical, as someone trying to make money in this economy, but I hate Black Friday.  Black Friday is the epitome of Commercialmas … the corruption of a simple religious celebration into a giant marketing juggernaut.  It’s already overtaken Thanksgiving and I don’t think it’ll be long before it passes Halloween … eventually we’ll be hounded with the obligation to buy crap for people year-round.

If I can manage it, I follow Buy Nothing Day and … buy nothing.  I was on vacation (I saw the ocean!), so I think I bought lunch and dinner.  That’s it.

For similar reasons, I didn’t make a big promotion about my shops, either.

Germs? For me?  You shouldn’t have.

The thing I got for Black Friday was a nasty cold.  Otherwise I’d have cranked out the humor theory post I’ve been intending to write for weeks now.

Also, I know lots of folks do like deals and do buy gifts for the holidays for their special people (or themselves), and my inbox is full of promotional deals from my Print On Demand purveyors, so …. instead of ‘I’m sick, no post’, here’s the current deals for you all…

Printfection is 40% off over $50!

Use code CyberMon11 today only to get 40% off the base price any order over $50!

My shop:
This includes the popular “Why can’t we all just get oolong?

Zazzle has multiple discounts!

Use code ZCYBERMONDAY today only to get $5 off shirts, 60% off of wrapped canvas, $3 off mugs (or mugs), %50 off posters and prints, plus free shipping on orders over $50!

My main shop:
This includes the quite popular “Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you

My photography shop:

Cafepress has free shipping and 30% off tshirts!

Use code CMSHIP today only to get free shipping on orders over $60!  Tshirts are 30% off today only, no code needed.

Note: this code works for items through the CafePress Marketplace only.  Buying directly through my shops doesn’t count.

This includes the popular “Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you“, “Daily Allowance of Sarcasm“, and “Carbivore” among others.

More to come ….

There’s almost always a sale going on at one of the POD sites for something.  Sometimes it’s just 10%, but sometimes it’s 50% or free shipping.  So … if you’re looking for a sale, drop me an email and I’ll let you know what’s going on right then.

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