A late September tree

We’ve come a long way, pen tool

Me and the pen tool, well … we haven’t gotten along so well in the past.  I think we’ve come a long way since then …. using it no longer makes me want to stab myself in the hand with a spork.  These days it’s more like “[tweaktweak]  [squint]  [tweak] Yeah!  Like that!” and I move on to the next set of curves.  It definitely helps that I’m starting to get a solid handle on handles (as it were), and on fill vs. stroke, and on making my own brushes and all that.

This is good, because now I can get to where I’m practicing the techniques of the art, not of the tool.  And goodness, do I need some practice with that.  I’m starting to feel that I’m not just so much doodling anymore as rummaging around in the various styles to see which ones I like and want to make my own.

It’s almost like I’m trying to become an artist or something.

But enough about me …

I know you’re here for the trees. :)  So, here, have a tree!

A fanciful tree with curving branches

An tree made entirely from vectors, with some yummy curves


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