I made a little Art

a pen drawing of a tree

Tree sketch 2012-March-12

I went down to New Orleans for five days recently.  Most disturbingly, I discovered that my taste buds now like coffee.  On the other hand, the incredible amount of art (from street artists to galleries of Real Art Like From History) I saw kinda inspired me to get back on the artistic horse.

So I got myself a little sketchbook with pages that detach, and a couple more pens (because you can never have too many pens, right?) and I’ve been sketching from time to time.

Unless I deliberately force myself to draw something else, I sketch trees.  Big, deciduous, leaf-less trees. Full of little spirals and teeny branches.  I love them lots and I’ve been doodling them since I was pretty young.

These trees are a bit different – the branches cross, and they’re not quite as filled in, and they’re a bit less spirally.  That is, they look like the one in this post. It got a bit squished on the lefthand side because of the edge of the paper, but other than that, I like it.

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