I’m not all wit and nerdery

I’m on vacation, yeah, that’s it … “vacation”.

After writing my Big Post about nasty “jokes” three weeks ago, I’ve been kind of slacking on the really awesome Monday posts (including totally missing one *frown*).  There were ostensible reasons, but I’m going to skip all the blah blah and just say that I’m feeling kind of post-accomplishment blah.  I wrote the Big Post! Two of them!  And finished the Big Project!  And AIGH Holidays!  And YAY new computer!

I’m also feeling a bit of “what next?”.  I both want to keep writing about this idea of Compassionate Humor and feel like I kinda put it all out there in that big post and the one about prepositions.  I’m looking for some new direction, and new contexts

Your dungeon is full of yoghurt.

I may have also spent the last three days immersed in playing the sequel to a video game from my past …  Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper is a sort of strategy game about, well, being an Evil Lord and building your dungeon of evil creatures to destroy Good.  I have it on CD, but it’s a bit scratched up and I haven’t had time to really play it in years.

Then someone linked me to Good Old Games, and I discovered that they had several of my favorites from the old days …. Dungeon Keeper (and the sequel, which is new to me), Gobliiins (the mega pack!), and the Incredible Machine (a mega pack as well!).  They’re quite affordable and they run well on my XP machine.

So, the last few days have been filled with silliness, slapstick humor (the cut-scenes in DK are quite amusing if you like slapstick), slapping my minions, slapping chickens.  There was also some out-of-game silliness with my partner (I was just trying to share my brain jews with him!).

It was a good reminder that I like being on the Prankster side from time to time and that’s ok.  I laughed a bit at slapstick and nobody died and nobody’s feelings were hurt.

What kind of humor do you usually avoid but sometimes find fun?

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  1. Kevin Rhodes says:

    You must show me these wonderful games when we see each other next. They sound like a lot of fun. :)

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