Where beauty meets logic

Not just a bad teen dramedy.

One of my favorite polymath tricks is to take the nerdy and reframe it in ways that make it  intuitive and appealing to the person who is not just “not a nerd” but thinks they can’t possibly do those nerdy things.

I’m far from alone in this these days, and in some cases, they’re making nerdy things and information even better and more beautiful than anyone might’ve ever thought.  In particular, I adore the folks over at Information Is Beautiful and, at a time when logic and the intellect are seemingly drowned out by the power of ignorance, I most especially want to share one of their latest productions: Rhetological Fallacies.

Rhetological Fallacies are errors and manipulations of rhetoric and logical fallacies.  They’ve turned them into simple, beautiful icons, suitable for inserting into your analyses and rebuttals of all sorts of lame, disingenuous, manipulative arguments.

A funny thing, that logic stuff.

Not surprisingly, immediately on the heels of “pretty and logical together! awesome!”, I started thinking about how this ties in with humor.  Isn’t that one of the ways to make humor – taking the known and overturning one bit of the logic that holds it all up?

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