End of Year Mandala Challenge

And then I got boredstressed…

2016, amirite?  Especially the last couple months?

In the middle of December, I took up doodling mandalas again to cut down on stress.  And posting them to Twitter, like I do sometimes.

After a couple days, I gave myself a challenge, to post one every day through the end of the year.  For some, I used the hashtag #DailyDoodle and ended up getting followed by @_DailyDoodle, so that was a thing.

Today is the last day of the year and I have won my challenge.  Go me.

And since I don’t want to keep all the fun just for Twitter followers (fwiw, @9thcircledesign is the handle to follow), that means it’s time for a …

Mandala Doodle Roundup

Dec 14:

Twitter 2016-12-14Dec 15:

Twitter 2016-12-15Dec 16:

Twitter 2016-12-16

Dec 17:

Twitter 2016-12-17

Dec 18: No, I don’t know why there are weird fish tails.

Twitter 2016-12-18Dec 19:

Twitter 2016-12-19

Dec 20: Not all doodles are *good*.

Twitter 2016-12-20Dec 21: One week and ticking onward, only a week and a half to go …

Twitter 2016-12-21Dec 22: I’m not sure why there had to be a bird in each tree. Doodles are weird.

Twitter 2016-12-22Dec 23: Another day, another doodle …

Twitter 2016-12-23Dec 24: For unknown reasons, there needed to be extra colors today.

Twitter 2016-12-24Dec 25: Stay on target, one more week to meet the daily doodle challenge.

Twitter 2016-12-25Dec 26: Simple #DailyDoodle today, I’m travelling.

Twitter 2016-12-26Dec 27: Playing with different backgrounds …

Twitter 2016-12-27Dec 28: IS THIS BRIGHT ENOUGH?

Twitter 2016-12-28

Dec 29: Happy random winter evening!

Twitter 2016-12-29Dec 30: Only two more days to make it to the end of the year with a #Mandala #DailyDoodle

Twitter 2016-12-30Dec 31: Last #Mandala #DailyDoodle of the year … will I continue into the next year? Maybe.

Twitter 2016-21-31

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