Team Don’t Wanna

Meanwhile, on social media

A couple months ago, a friend (who will remain nameless and link-less unless they wish otherwise) posted about being really unmotivated, but needing to Do The Thing anyway.  Somewhere in the conversation, someone (me, I think) commented this:


Note: The apostrophe is intentionally missing because it breaks up the hashtag

In a later, separate conversation, someone objected to this hashtag, on the grounds that it was negative and whiny.  That not being really what it’s all about, since the companion and implied hashtag is #GonnaDoItAnyway I had this idea to make an image-meme-thingy.

In which I make typographers cry

Because I hate myself and typographers, I thought “hey, let’s spice this up this list of stuff the ‘speaker’ is going to do anyway by using a lot of fonts!”  Because if you do it a lot, it looks intentional and interesting, yes/yes?

So, here it is in all its glory:

Black text on white background with yellow stars, text begins "#TeamDon'tWanna ... but today I'm ..."

This is available on an assortment of products (tshirts! posters! mugs!) over on RedBubble.  If you want this on Zazzle, leave a comment below.

I am also releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC-BY-NC), meaning you are more than welcome to click through on the image to the full size one and share the hell out of it (with attribution, but not sell it).  My website address is on the image for attribution already, to make it easy. :)


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