Love Is Love Is Love

Jam is a fruit and pectin mashup

Because mashups are my jam and because there’s something deeply appealing about the geometry of Circular Gallifreyan, I’ve been looking for things to write in it. Most especially words of hope and power.

I’ve tried a few single words, but then I thought of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who reminds us that love is love is love is love is love. That totally lends itself well to a circular format as the love goes around and around, right?  So, perfect for Circular Gallifreyan.

I should probably admit here that modern Doctor Who isn’t really my fandom – my experience largely predates the reboot and ends pretty sharply at the end of Nine – so I am still feeling my way into the style.  I suspect I tend more towards a formal, geometrically balanced style than most folks.  But a looping phrase should work out with that, right?

I was so optimistic.

Balancing readability and symmetry and the requirement that each word start at the bottom of its circle was a bit … challenging.

That said, I think the resulting trines are pretty pleasing. And yes, the “sentence” intentionally ends with “is” again so that it can loop back into the cycle.

I’m specifically using the Sherman alphabet, and welcome useful feedback on style and grammar.

square image, blue background, white circle containing circular design in black lines on white, saying 'love is love is love is' in circular Gallifreyan

Love Is Love Is Love Is

This is now available via RedBubble:

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