Monday Mandala Roundup – March

Monday! Mandala! Monday! Mandala! Roundup hoooooooo!

Welcome to April and the Monday Mandala Roundup post for March!  As with previous MMR posts, this covers a month of the Monday Mandalas posted publicly on my Patreon page.

Click the images to go to the full page on Patreon (these are snippets, Patreon has the full images).

square image, with portion of a brightly colored centered on the left edge and filling the square, yellows and greens, bits of red, orange, blue, purple

2018-03-05 Monday Mandala snippet

square image with geometric design colored in blue, red, purples, and yellows

2018-03-12 Monday Mandala snippet

Square image with black background, white outline geometric design, yellow gradient issuing from lower left

2018-03-19 Belated Monday Mandala snippet

square design, dark blue background, from lower right issues a sort of flower with pink/purple center, then blue, green, and red/orange/yellow flame petals

2018-03-26 Monday Mandala snippet


Also, I’m considering uploading some of these to RedBubble to make into die-cut stickers (typically 3×3″, high-quality).  However, it would take some investment of time.  If you would purchase some of these, please let me know in the comments.

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