Monday Mandala Roundup – May

Merry June, everyone!

Welcome to June and the Monday Mandala Roundup post for May!  As with previous MMR posts, this covers a month of the Monday Mandalas posted publicly on my Patreon page.

This month includes one Monday-on-a-Tuesday, because of the holiday and all that.

Click the images to go to the full page on Patreon (these are snippets, Patreon has the full images).

square image of the upper right quadrant of a mandala - yellow and light blue near the center, then green, deep blue, red, and deep purple, all with white outlines

snippet of the 2018-05-07 Monday Mandala

square image of a black and white radially symmetric design (mandala)

mini version of the 2018-05-14 M0nday Mandala

square image with black/blue background; issuing from lower right is a quadrant of a mandala with green/blue center, white/brown edges

2018-05-21 Monday Mandala snippet

square image, white background, portion of a black outline mandala centered to lower left

2018-05-29 “Monday” Mandala on a Tuesday snippet

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