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Cards for Hallowmas

I blame my mother Once upon a time, my mother related to me a terrible joke about computer programmers that starts like this: Why can’t computer programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? The punchline was sufficiently nerdy and … Continue reading

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Putting the ‘work’ back in ‘coworking’

You asked for it, you got it A while ago Ferrett Steinmetz asked on the twitters if someone would make him a shirt that said “I’m only awesome on the Internet”.  Myself, I hear I’m much more awesome off the Internet, … Continue reading

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Keep calm … the handbasket version

If Samuel L. Jackson sold handbaskets … Once upon a time, I had a set of designs for Hell’s House Of Handbaskets.  They were based on this adaptation of a quote of him in the movie Jackie Brown: The Handbasket. … Continue reading

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The most dangerous place: showers

Showers are the bane of productivity I woke up this morning knowing I needed to get up and write. It’s a Monday, and I’ve been trying for the last three weeks to get out a blog post about the importance … Continue reading

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Why I (don’t) use Spreadshirt

“It’s like working with a local printshop.” This may be one of the hardest Print on Demand site reviews to write, because it’s a site that I don’t use for various reasons.  I do try to keep these positive, so … Continue reading

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Why I use Printfection

“There must be a better way.” A few months ago, while I was working on the redesign of my website (trust me, it was an incredible improvement), I ended up in a conversation with someone who wanted to start selling … Continue reading

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