Branching out to RedBubble

There’s a POD for everyone

As one might guess, I’m kind of into Print On Demand sites – each one is slightly different in their focus and features (and antifeatures).  In addition to Spreadshirt, which I’ve discussed before, there was a significant one that I wasn’t using – RedBubble.  The reasoning was much the same as for not using Spreadshirt – I primarily had text-based designs and they do art-based designs.

I’ve got some art designs now.

I finally went ahead and set myself up on RedBubble (as ninthcircle, naturally).  I was kind of excited – RedBubble is the POD site for artists, right, which means I’m almost like an artist, right?

Then I promptly ran into the first hurdle – image sizes.  They primarily sell prints (on paper and on canvas) and cards and calendars, all of which are much larger than tshirts.  Retrospectively unsurprisingly, this means they have much larger minimum image sizes than any of the other POD sites I’ve worked with.

Illustrator protested a lot, but I did get a couple of the tree sketches I’ve vectorized  expanded and exported and uploaded.

The first one is the Late September Curly Tree I posted a bit ago, and you can check it out:

The second one is the Halloween Town Trees, which you’ll see got a bit of tweaking in the vectorization process:

I’ve also put up a very small selection of photographs I’ve taken in various travels.  They are primarily available on note cards and postcards (see above about image sizes).

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  1. Heidi says:

    Hey, glad to see you on Redbubble! It’s always good to see people trying different things within the templates we offer.

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