The two-trunked tree (part two)

If at first you have lousy technique …

Many months ago, I posted about one of my first vectorizing projects in “A Tree Made Of Vectors“.  And then forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I dug it back up again, thinking I’d complete it and post it.  It turned out to be kinda a mess.  See, I usually do part of the vectorizing, merge it all into one giant vector, and then export out giant bitmap images.  This one simply refused to merge.

… just do it all over again.

It really seemed like the easiest thing to just re-do it.  It goes a lot faster these days, generally.  This one did, up to a point, and then things went wonky.  I got it straightened out, and have some ideas on how to do it better next time.

In the meantime …

Here’s the new version:

The redone vectorized tree

The redone vectorized tree

You can see a larger version (and get it on stickers and stuff) at RedBubble:

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  1. Robin says:

    I think this is my favorite trees so far.

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