An exciting tiny milestone

RedBubble milestone reached!

A couple years ago, I got started on RedBubble with a focus on more artistic designs – tree sketches, photography, and a couple odd graphic-design items.  I had some hopes that RB would turn out to be a good match for me (instead of CafePress or Zazzle), but sales have been an occasional drip instead of the steady trickle that I get elsewhere.

Most interestingly, the things that have done best there have been the two oddball items I tossed up there.  That is, the two really obscure joke/pun designs.  That is, the two designs that get no love anywhere else.  That is:

This last week, I finally hit a tiny milestone of “enough sales to get them to pay me”.  It’s not going to pay the mortgage or anything, but I’m inordinately excited about it.  First payment this year, first payment from RedBubble, first post this year, and hopefully not the last of any of those.

Bonus Teapot!

As excited as I am about all that, mostly I wanted to share this link to Google’s teapot:

Curious about the whole Teapot thing? I wrote about it a while ago here.

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