Simple Doodle Mandala 1

The Road To Good Intentions

After a while of doing doodle mandalas for #MandalaMonday, I found myself making ones complex enough that I wanted to recreate them with a better (much better) tool.  Once I found some ways to make LiveTrace work for me that made recreating trees easier, these were next up on the list.  So I picked one out of my saved images folder on my phone and went for it.

… Is Paved With Not Checking My Twitter History

Which is to say, I didn’t actually go through my Twitter history (or even my roundup posts) to make sure I picked one that I had already posted.  So, I guess I’ll be doing some of those another day.  Here’s the one I picked:


And here’s the vectorized version (click through to larger, as usual):

on a white field, a black outline of radially symmetric geometric design… and samples of upcoming posts.

Last year, by which I mean last month, I may have mentioned something about the return of trees to this blog.  Why lookie what’s coming up in the next couple weeks …

black tree branches on a white background, obviously clipped out of a larger image

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