The Windblown Tree

As promised, a tree silhouette!

For once, I didn’t throw a new technique at a complicated design!  For this new approach, I tried it out with something I posted here a long while ago – the windblown tree:

A tree that's grown up in a windy place

The Windblown Tree (original)

The process I used involved LiveTrace, but generating lines instead of solid shapes.  This resulted in an intermediate stage I could adjust and tweak before expanding and simplifying and merging and all that, without making a hash out of the twigs.

The result looks a lot like the original, and this is a good thing:

on a white background, the black silhouette of a tree that's leaning far to the right, as if constantly blown by windYes, this will be up on RedBubble shortly.

Yes, Victoria, there is a sample of what’s coming next.

White background; black silhouette of tree branches without leaves, clearly clipped from a larger imagep.s. I need your input on a small matter

I’m also giving thought again to doing backgrounds, instead of just plain white (or colors, as I do for the mandalas on RedBubble).  Let me know in the comments what you think of that, please!

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  1. Akire says:

    I love backgrounds! Especially if they look good on a black t-shirt. And backgrounds are an easy way to make a design suitable for black t-shirts! :-D

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