Interwoven Trees Redux

Wait, It’s Done?

About five years ago, I sketched out a pair of trees whose branches crossed together, forming a heart between them.  Almost exactly two years ago, I posted it on this blog. Since then, it’s been one of the pieces I get the most emails about, asking to use it for weddings or logos.

But the image I have is … a not-great scan of a pen drawing on a 5×7 piece of paper.  So I wanted to make a nice, crisp, clean vector version that I could feel really good about (and, er, clean up some infelicities of my drawing).

This would be the largest vectorization project I’d ever undertaken.  I tried several different ways to do it (most of which were terrible and/or time-consuming), but ultimately I learned SO MUCH about Illustrator by doing it.

Then I got distracted by mandalas and a hundred other things (not all art) and this fell by the wayside.

Just a couple weeks ago I opened it back up to see just how much more work there was to be done.  I was surprised to find that it was … not that much work left.

So I spent most of a week’s work time banging on it (learning even more) and finished it just before going on vacation last week.  IT IS DONE.

The Part You’ve Skimmed To Get To

As you can see, I have also put together a watermark for images that I post on this here blog, to help prevent people from snitching them (which did happen with the old image of these trees).  FINALLY.

At this time, I have not yet posted this to any of the Print on Demand sites.  I may do that soon, and my royalty rate may be a bit higher than than usual for it.

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