Falling Stars (100)

It is the warm dark of August and the stars are falling. They bloom and float down, shooting sparks as they go.

This is it – the end time.  I reach out, find Laura’s hand cold in mine.

The falling stars begin to land and shuck their blooms, their alien, seeking lights playing over the meadow. Inside the house, the news speaks of landfalls everywhere, unstoppable. Together, we walk out beneath the sky, two hands clasped, two hands reaching out.

When the stars come down from the sky to a simple people, what can we do but meet them with open hands?

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2 Responses to Falling Stars (100)

  1. Karen says:

    Darling — my heart! This is beautiful; so many phrases here touched me.

    Have you read the sci-fi novel Spin by Robert Charles Wilson? It’s one I have to hold myself back from reading too frequently (and it’s available on “our” Kindle account). The sequel Axis is, sadly, not worth reading, but I will, eventually, try out the third of the series, Vortex.

    • Victoria says:

      I have read Spin, though I think I read it after I wrote this. I did enjoy it, so I’m sad to hear that the sequel isn’t worth reading.

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