Why I Use RedBubble

For Artists, With Artists

One of the things that held me up from joining RedBubble was this strange idea that I Am Not An Artist.  Now that I’m pretending to be an artist sometimes, here are some of the reasons I’ve joined RedBubble:

  • Streamlined product creation
    It’s straight up simple.  Upload the image and give it a name, description, and keywords.  Set your royalty and save your work.  This is partly because of the fairly limited product line (prints, posters, cards, shirts/hoodies, stickers, and iProduct cases), but it’s incredibly simple and streamlined.
    Just be aware that the image sizes for prints and posters are quite large and that shirts and stickers require transparent images of a specific size, described clearly in their help info.
  • Set the royalties you think you deserve
    Period.  They suggest 20% (way more than the Marketplace royalties elsewhere!), but you can bump it up to whatever you feel appropriate.  This royalty is used for your products everywhere on the site, unlike the Marketplace on certain other POD sites (*cough*CafePress*cough*).
  • Free shops
    There is no cost to putting your art out there.  Straight up, no cost.
    I know, time isn’t free, but product creation is so simple it won’t take up much time at all to add your art, unlike certain other POD sites (*cough*Zazzle*cough*).
  • Serious Community
    There are hundreds and hundreds of Groups on Red Bubble for showcasing your art, chatting with other artists, entering Challenges (for fun, getting seen, and sometimes RB vouchers).  Not only that, but there are general RedBubble forums for interacting with other Bubblers and getting tips and tricks.
  • Quality items and printing
    As noted above, the product types are limited, but their quality is high.  If your image size isn’t big enough to print well on a specific item size, they simply won’t add that size, keeping the quality high for everyone.
    Additionally, unlike other POD folks, their stickers are custom-shaped, based on the shape of your image.  This requires transparent-background images, but results in a custom look for your art.
    The only downside is that the only phone/tablet cases they offer are for iProducts.

If an artist is looking to get their fine art out there and seen, while getting artist wages, Red Bubble seems like a pretty good choice.

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